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Wed, 08/03/2005 - 6:33am

Linear Technology introduces the LTC2480 series of delta-sigma A/D converters, featuring a front-end design that is able to directly digitize a range of sensors. The LTC2480’s Easy Drive™ technology results in zero average differential input current, simplifying the design of front-end signal conditioning circuits and allowing the ADC to be driven directly from bridges, RTDs, thermocouples and other high impedance sensors. The device directly and accurately measures high impedance input sources without the use of an internal buffer, eliminating the drawbacks of on-chip buffering. The LTC2480 provides 16-bit resolution and features desirable accuracy with 2 ppm INL, 1 ppm offset and 15 ppm full-scale errors. The converter features an internal temperature sensor and programmable gain up to 256, making the device suitable for temperature compensation of low level sensors. Linear Technology also offers a version without the internal temperature sensor and programmable gain (LTC2482) as well as a 24-bit version with the temperature sensor, but without programmable gain (LTC2484).

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