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Wed, 06/01/2005 - 7:02am
Fairchild Semiconductor announces a line of ultra-compact serializer/deserializers called μSerDes™ (micro-SerDes). The FIN12 and FIN24 series devices are suitable for solving the design challenges posed by converging product features in ultra-portable and consumer applications. These devices reduce wide parallel paths of data to a high-speed serial link, reducing the interconnection to six to seven times fewer wires. The serial link is implemented using EMI-reducing differential technology that can result in faster Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) regulatory system approval. This interface solution can be implemented across multiple display platforms. FIN12 and FIN24 devices can reduce EMI by 30 to 40 dB at the fundamental frequency as well as reduce harmonics to less than – 100 dBm, resulting in greater EMC. These enhancements are achieved through serialization architectural innovations and by offering two differential I/O technologies, low power LVDS (LpLVDS) and Current Transfer Logic™ (CTL™).
Fairchild Semiconductor

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