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Peer-to-Peer Transceiver

Wed, 06/01/2005 - 7:22am
AeroComm introduces peer-to-peer technology, embedded into the AC4790 transceiver. AC4790 removes the server from an RF communication system, facilitating fully expandable mesh networking. By utilizing a dynamic addressing scheme, the device’s protocol supports independent communication between any two in-range transceivers in an RF network. Each transceiver "node" knows exactly which other nodes are within talking distance, as well as the signal strength of each one. The OEM is able to design routing sequences that optimize the network without bogging down system performance. Multiple node groups may also communicate simultaneously, supporting system scalability. An optional API command processor controls packet delivery and acknowledgment (on a packet-by-packet basis) and reports to the host device, reducing OEM software development. Additionally, the product features 25 ms sync times and SenseAdjust — a software-controlled RF desensitizer that wards off interference. The AC4790 utilizes FHSS technology, employs data-encryption standards and supports transmit-power levels of up to one watt.

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