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Dielectric Materials

Thu, 06/02/2005 - 7:23am


W. L. Gore introduces the MICROLAM® 630 dielectric, low-loss microvia material for high frequency microvia modules and PCBs. This high performance material consists of standard BT resin in a continuous toughening matrix. MICROLAM 630 dielectric provides good thickness uniformity for controlled impedance designs, CAF reliability, buried via filling capabilities and good surface planarization for high-density applications. Its low dielectric constant (2.6) and loss tangent (0.004) are stable throughout a broad range of frequencies (1 MHz to 40 GHz) and temperatures (– 55° C to +200° C.) In addition, its low dielectric constant allows thinner dielectric layers, offering improved microvia aspect ratios and laser drilling throughput 3× faster than glass prepregs. Manufactured in high volumes and supplied in either standard sheet sizes or rolls, the material offers electrical properties and thermo-mechanical reliability designed to meet both cost and performance requirements. Typical applications include WLAN, Bluetooth and power amplifier RF modules, MCMs, wireless transceivers, optical modules and high-speed telecom and computing microvia PCBs.
W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc.

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