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Wed, 06/01/2005 - 7:22am
Cambridge Consultants announces development tools for its 32-bit RISC processor core for ASIC and FPGA applications, the XAP3. The tools include the GCC (Gnu Compiler Collection) C/C++ compiler and the uCLinux and Micrium µC/OS-II real-time operating systems, and will provide flexible support for embedded system applications. The XAP3 soft core features a classic Von Neumann architecture allowing code and data to be freely mixed within a flat 4 GB memory space. There is hardware support for position-independent code, and secure operation through privileged modes that prevent user programs from corrupting the operating system kernel. The core is available in Verilog RTL for ASIC use, and can be fabricated in 50,000 gates running at 100 MHz, or as few as 40,000 gates at lower clock frequencies. It delivers a typical performance of 0.88 Dhrystone MIPS/MHz. The porting of the Gnu Compiler Collection adds an industry-standard C programming environment to XAP3, as well as support for extra languages such as C++ and Java.
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