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Stereo D/A Converter

Mon, 04/04/2005 - 8:47am
Atmel® announces its AT73C213 audio companion chip for multimedia portable applications. Manufactured on the company’s CMOS process, the chip integrates an audio-quality 20-bit stereo DAC and an audio power amplifier providing up to 1 W. The chip is suited for any application where a high-quality audio interface is required, such as mobile phones, PDAs, palmtop computers, digital still cameras, multimedia portable devices, music players, etc. The AT73C213 integrates a complete high-performance stereo audio D/A converter delivering a 93 dB dynamic range, followed by a 32Ωstereo headset driver with programmable volume control and mute function. The stereo DAC comprises a multi-bit sigma-delta modulator with dither, continuous time analog filters, and analog output drive circuitry. The master clock is 256 and 384 times the sampling frequency allowing the choice of input data rate up to 50 kHz, including standard audio rates of 48, 44.1, 32, 16, and 8 kHz.

Atmel Corporation


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