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Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer

Mon, 01/31/2005 - 10:26am
Tektronix announces the RSA3408A, a DC to 8 GHz real-time spectrum analyzer providing 36 MHz wide real-time triggering and capture capabilities, and enhanced resolution yielding a 2000-fold improvement in the analysis of power and frequency changes over time With the RSA3408A, customers can trigger on RF anomalies, capture a record of spans up to 36 MHz over a long period of time, and analyze time-correlated multi-domain views of their signals. The RSA3408A offers a 36 MHz bandwidth Frequency Mask Trigger (FMT). By displaying a record of frequency and power changes over time, the RSA3408A can solve many transient problems ranging from modulation switching on software-defined radio systems to identification of rogue pulses in RADAR transmission to dynamic modulation changes during a WLAN transmission.

Tektronix, Inc.


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