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Power Transistors

Mon, 01/31/2005 - 10:31am

M/A-COM announces an extension of their bipolar power transistors and power module families, designed for avionics and pulsed radar products and applications. The PH1090-700B bipolar power transistor is a NPN common base Class C pulse power transistor designed for IFF and other avionics applications in the frequency band of 1030 to 1090 MHz. Saturated output power exceeds 700 Wpk at 32μs pulse width and 2% duty cycle. Guaranteed gain is 7.5 dB at 50% collector efficiency and under Modes-S pulse burst conditions the device delivers over 450 Wpk saturated output power with 55% collector efficiency. The silicon bipolar line-up consisting of the MAPRST0002 and the PH1214-300M deliver typical gain of 18 dB at 150μs pulse width and 10% duty cycle. The saturated power output typically exceeds 360 Wpk and guaranteed collector efficiency for each device is 50%, with typical values in the high 50 to low 60s. The silicon bipolar line-up consisting of the MAPRST1214-06UF, MAPRST1214-30UF and MAPRST1214-150UF are for ultra long pulse radar applications in the 1200 to 1400 MHz bandwidth.



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