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Mon, 01/31/2005 - 10:26am
Version 2 of Flomerics’ FLO/PCB software — developed to enable electronic and thermal engineers to collaborate on printed circuit board (PCB) design — provides a 3D viewer and a conduction-cooled operating environment and automatically calculates maximum power dissipation for a given operating temperature. The 3D viewer allows designers to determine the effect of the height of components on cooling issues. The ability to simulate conduction-cooled environments makes it possible to evaluate boards in sealed enclosures, such as those found in military electronics and ruggedized systems. FLO/PCB users can define maximum allowable junction temperatures for components and the software will compute the maximum power that can be dissipated without exceeding those temperatures. Version 2 also provides thermal solutions for equivalent problems in half the time of the previous version. Finally, new SmartParts are available to represent RF shields.



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