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Complementary MOSFET Solution

Mon, 01/31/2005 - 10:31am
Fairchild Semiconductor introduces a complementary MOSFET solution capable of delivering greater than 1 A continuous current in miniature spot power and POL DC/DC switching converter designs. The FDC6020C integrates two MOSFETs into one ultra-small SuperSOT™-6 FLMP (Flip-chip in a Leaded Molded Package). Applications include set-top boxes, digital still cameras, and hard disk drives. The FDC6020C’s low threshold gate (VGS = 2.5 V) simplifies designs using 3.3 V bus converters or single cell Li-Ion batteries. Additionally, each of the device’s MOSFETs provide good RDS(on) characteristics (52 mΩ for the P-Channel and 27 mΩ for the N-Channel, at 4.5 V). The FDC6020C’s junction-to-case thermal resistance (1° C/W) and junction-to-ambient thermal resistance (68° C/W) facilitate the highest possible current densities while maintaining optimum operating temperatures.

Fairchild Semiconductor


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