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Bluetooth Development Platform

Thu, 01/13/2005 - 8:57am

The BlueMagic Host API or BHAPI Bluetooth Development Platform (BDP) from OI partitions the Bluetooth implementation into a server that can be treated as a black box and a client that can be implemented in 100's of lines of code. Application developers no longer need to be proficient in Bluetooth and can rapidly integrate Bluetooth functionality into their designs. The BHAPI BDP creates a Bluetooth environment that is fully functional and minimally intrusive. Features include:client and server running in separate memory spaces or on separate CPUs; multiple simultaneous connections using different profiles to different Bluetooth devices; commands for putting Bluetooth links into low power modes, enabling and disabling device discoverability and connectivity, as well as full support for Bluetooth security modes and string localization; robust protocol described in XML and generated to trace logs during testing and debugging; compact binary representation based on the "data element" format defined by the Bluetooth Service Discover Protocol; and a server running directly on baseband processor, communicating with client over serial transport.

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