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Tunable Duplexers

Thu, 12/23/2004 - 8:04am

K&L Microwave announces the WSD-00383 and WSD-00384 UHF duplexers, offering medium and high levels of isolation respectively for Macro, Micro and Repeater Tetra, Tetrapol, or NMT-450 Communication systems in the 380 MHz to 512 MHz frequency range. Each duplexer offers low insertion loss of 2.75 dB and 2.50 dB maximum respectively (< 2.0 dB typical) over 3 MHz minimum passbands, with center frequencies (Fc) factory tuned to customer specifications within the range 380 MHz to 512 MHz with minimum 10 MHz center-to-center separation. Passband ripple is specified at 1.0 dB p-p maximum for the WSD-00383 and 1.2 dB p-p maximum for the WSD-00384. The WSD-00383 provides rejection of 20 dB min. Fc ± 5.3 MHz, while the WSD-00384 provides rejection of 20 dB minimum Fc ± 4.4 MHz. The units provide broadband isolation of 54 dB and 90 dB minimum for the WSD-00383 and WSD-00384 respectively over the frequency range 190 MHz to 1024 MHz. Passband return loss is specified at 15 dB minimum, while passband power handling is rated at 10 watts CW and 100 watts peak instantaneous under operating conditions of 1.5:1 antenna VSWR, 5,000 feet altitude and +50° C case temperature. Dimensions of each duplexer are 4.4 inchesD × 6.2 inchesW × 3.8 inchesH for the WSD-00383 and 6.3 inchesD × 7.7 inchesW x 3.8 inchesH for the WSD-00384, excluding SMA-F connectors. N-F connectors are optional. Operating temperature range is specified as – 30° C to +60° C, with storage temperature range of – 40° C to +85° C.

K&L Microwave Corporation


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