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Flip Chip PIN Diode

Thu, 12/23/2004 - 7:57am

M/A-COM announces a AlGaAs flip chip PIN diode for a variety of broadband switching applications. The MA4AGFCP910 AlGaAs flip chip diode is designed for a variety of broadband (0.1 to 50 GHz) multi-throw switch and switched-phase shifter circuits, including those found in electronic counter measure (ECM), radar, and high-speed instrumentation systems. These devices provide circuit tuning advantages due to the low Ct-5 (< 18 fF), low Rs (4Ω at 20 mA) and small Ls (0.5 nH). These specifications provide a 0.072 pS RC time constant that affords greater operating bandwidth. The PIN diode is designed for use in millimeter wave phased-array systems and broadband instrumentation. Its 20 fF capacitance at 0 V allows use of standard +5 V TTL gate drivers to deliver single digit nanosecond switching speeds for millimeter wave control circuits. The product provides a remarkable 0.4 dB insertion loss at 15 mA with 8 dB of isolation at 0 V at 50 GHz in a single series diode configuration.



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