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Diode Modules

Thu, 12/23/2004 - 7:57am


X-FAB introduces a new PIN-diode module for its 0.6 μm BiCMOS technology (XB06). It is now possible to integrate PIN diodes with CMOS and BiCMOS transistors on a single chip. The parameters of standard XB06 transistors are not influenced by the integration of PIN diodes. The significant advantage of PIN diodes over conventional PN diodes is a reduction in barrier capacitance of around 80%. As a result, a speed increase of over 85% in signal rise and fall times is achieved. In addition, light is converted into electrical signals more rapidly, which makes PIN diodes suited for high-speed data communications. Furthermore, it is possible to use an antireflective coating (ARC) that further optimizes the diodes' spectral characteristics.

X-FAB Semiconductor Foundries AG


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