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Thu, 12/23/2004 - 7:53am

Electronics Workbench Launches Multisim 8, a circuit design and simulation system. Repetitive capture tasks are optimized, so the designer is free to create, test and ultimately perfect their designs. Multisim 8 includes real Virtual Instruments from Tektronix. The software includes Dynamic Probes, a time-saving function. An unlimited number of probes can be placed on the schematic to annotate a circuit with real-time, dynamic values such as current and voltage, providing immediate feedback and accelerating the design process. Simulation Profiles allows the user to configure, save, and reuse complete SPICE simulation parameter setups. Tool-tip Style Notes allow notes to be attached to any point in the circuit. Design notes, annotations and comments from reviewers automatically pop-up when mousing over a circuit. The design engineer may toggle between all notes, no notes, or notes made by a specific individual.

Electronics Workbench


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