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Tue, 10/26/2004 - 11:39am


PrismTech announces OpenFusion e*ORB SDR, the first member of a new middleware product family specifically designed for wireless OEMs. OpenFusion e*ORB SDR provides the following benefits to Wireless OEMs: consumes very low amounts of system resources (e.g. memory) thus enabling the development of lower-powered, cooler-running devices with longer battery life. OpenFusion e*ORB SDR achieves this through a minimumCORBA profile for both C++ and C ORBs, in combination with Lightweight Naming, Event and Log Services. It enables high-performance devices that can support multiple waveforms and be configured and reconfigured quickly and efficiently. OpenFusion e*ORB SDR achieves this through its high-performance ORB core and marshalling engine, which is common to both the C++ and C variants. It provides the SCA-compliant middleware required to develop interoperable military radios for programs such as JTRS. OpenFusion e*ORB SDR achieves this through its minimumCORBA compliant ORBs. Allows CORBA to be hosted on both GPPs and DSPs, allowing "on-the-fly" task allocation and re-balancing between the GPP and DSP; which also has the benefit of making the functionality of the DSP much more widely available. OpenFusion e*ORB achieves this by having the C ORB ported to the DSP which is fully interoperable with the C++ ORB running on the GPP.



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