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BiCMOS Technology

Tue, 10/26/2004 - 11:37am

X-FAB Semiconductor announced an extension to its modular 0.35μm process family — a high-voltage option, as well as 0.35μm-BiCMOS technology. The XH035 0.35μm CMOS technology can be flexibly expanded with virtually a free range of combinable add-on modules, and it fulfills the rigorous demands on supply voltage from industrial, consumer-product and automotive applications. Besides three- and four-layer metallization and a second gate-oxide for transistors with varying breakdown voltages of up to 50 volts, other features such as well-isolated 3.3-volt transistors, EEPROM storage cells, and both double-poly and MIM capacitors are all available. The XB035 0.35μm BiCMOS technology offers, among other things, double-poly and MIM capacitors, three- or four-layer metallization or, alternatively, a thick, fourth metal for inductors. XB035 is suited for applications of up to 2.4 GHz, e.g. for Bluetooth, WLAN, or ISM transmitters/receivers.

X-FAB Semiconductor


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