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Analog Device

Wed, 09/29/2004 - 8:11am

Microchip announces an analog device for the digital environment. These devices enable a standard two-stage amplifier signal chain to be implemented into an eight-lead package with a power-saving chip select. The internal connection of the two stages enables one operational amplifier to feed into the other making a more compact design. The MCP62x5 devices are extended industrial-temperature range (– 40° C to 125° C), Rail-to-Rail input/output (I/O), single-ended operational amplifiers. Covering the 2 MHz, 5 MHz and 10 MHz Gain Bandwidth Product (GBWP), these devices allow for the most current flow efficient design by having low supply-current requirements. With a migration path along the GBWP spectrum, designers can optimize the GBWP to be selected for the current flow versus GBWP demand for the application. These devices are suitable for sensor, automotive, instrumentation, industrial and battery-operated applications. The MCP6275 has a 2 MHz gain bandwidth and operates at 5.5 to 2.0 V with a supply current of 165 microamps. The MCP6285 has a 5 MHz gain bandwidth, operates at 5.5 to 2.2 V and has a supply current of 450 microamps. The MCP6295 has a 10 MHz gain bandwidth, operates at 5.5 to 2.4 V and has a supply current of 1.0 milliamps.

Microchip Technology, Inc.


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