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RFID Integrated Circuits

Mon, 08/30/2004 - 7:45am

EM Microelectronic announces a family of RFID integrated circuits that operate at 13.56 MHz for contactless identification systems. The family includes the EM4035, EM4135, EM4034 and EM4094. The EM4035 includes an ISO18000-3 mode 1 compliant crypto-algorithm with 96-bit secret key for symmetrical challenge/response, making it suitable for high-security hands-free access control, ticketing, anti-counterfeiting, and asset management. The device is suited for multi-applications such as access control and ticketing, making it possible to provide a secure, universal card. For example, the EM4035 could enable one card to be used simultaneously to access the library, swimming pool, ski facility and loyalty program. The EM4035 features a 3.2Kbit EEPROM organized as 50 words of 64 bits, and each word can be irreversibly locked. The on-chip memory contains a 64-bit Unique Identifier (UID), with a 6-bit chip type identifier and a unique 10-bit code that can be custom-programmed per customer request. The EM4135 and EM4034 are identical to the EM4035 except that they do not include CRYPTO and are suitable for low-cost logistics and tracking applications. The EM4094 is a universal RFID reader IC that is compatible with virtually all 13.56MHz RFID tags, including ISO15693 and ISO14443A&B, as well as proprietary protocols. Requiring minimal external components and a serial 3-wire microcontroller interface, the EM4094 provides up to 200mW of OOK or ASK modulation output from a single 5-volt supply and is ideal for low-cost, hand-held RFID readers and tag monitoring stations. The EM4094 has AM/PM demodulation with AGC signal amplifier, multiple sub-carrier capability of 212kHz, 424kHz and 848kHz, and is compatible with Manchester or BPSK sub-carrier coding.

EM Microelectronic


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