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PNP Transistor

Tue, 08/03/2004 - 5:13am

One of the first batch of products to be released from the Zetex Generation 5 bipolar process, the ZX5T2E6 PNP transistor has a switched load power handling capability of 70 W. Characterized by Generation 5's low saturation voltage, arising from a reduced component resistance, the device provides designers with a solution for battery charging, DC/DC converter, and general power management tasks. This 20 V transistor exhibits a 𤩲 mV maximum VCE(sat) for an Rsat rating of 31mΩ and can sustain a continuous collector current of 3.5 A. Its hFE capability also helps minimize the drive requirements - the gain offered at 1 A, for example, is at least 300. The product uses the sub 3 mm2 footprint and maximum 1.45 mm off-board height of the SOT23-6 package.

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