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Automating DSP Algorithm Design for Wireless Applications

Wed, 08/11/2004 - 7:38am

Designing complex signal processing algorithms for DSPs in today's wireless systems can be a long and arduous task. Automating the process is more accurate, efficient and repeatable, and makes modeling them almost enjoyable.

By Marc Barberis

Modern wireless systems require the use of complex signal processing algorithms to perform operations such as Viterbi or turbo decoding, equalization, channel estimation, Fast Hadamard Transforms, or space-time processing.
While these systems can be modeled directly in C, MATLAB has become the de-facto standard for DSP algorithm development and exploration because of the powerful programming language, extensive libraries of mathematical functions and analysis capability. Most DSP algorithms are initially developed, debugged and tested for performance in MATLAB.
Due to the equations in this article, we have made a PDF available for you to download.


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