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16-Channel ADC

Fri, 07/02/2004 - 6:44am

Linear Technology introduces the LTC2449, an 8 kHz, 16-Channel delta-sigma ADC provides high resolution systems designers with an improvement in accuracy, precision, and drift. The LTC2449's multiplexer architecture allows external signal chain components to be included within the calibration loop of the ADC. The converter continuously measures and automatically eliminates all offset and drift errors of external amplifiers, filters, and other signal conditioning circuits right up to the sensor output. The LTC2449's flexible input multiplexer allows any combination of 16 single-ended or 8 differential inputs to be accurately digitized. The fast 4 kHz conversion rate combined with the No Latency Delta Sigma™ architecture allows all 16-channels to be scanned in 4 msec, avoiding digital filter settling problems inherent in other delta sigma converters. The LTC2449's programmable filter enables designers to tailor twenty different speed/resolution combinations to individual channels. For low frequency sensors such as RTDs, thermocouples, and strain gauges, the ADC provides 200 nV noise, 500,000 counts on a 䕖 mV sensor output (or 25 million counts on a full scale input) and simultaneous 50 Hz and 60 Hz line frequency noise rejection. For high-speed sampling, the ADC provides over 17 effective bits at 8 kHz output rates.

Linear Technology Corporation


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