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Tri-Port Devices

Wed, 06/30/2004 - 6:33am

IDT introduces a family of tri-port devices. These devices enable simultaneous access to the memory for three device ports. The products provide high-speed, bi-directional interface between three intelligent devices, such as an applications or baseband processor, digital multimedia broadcast (DMB) processor and an 802.11 processor. The family includes three members. The 70V525M and 70P525M feature 3.0 volt and 1.8 volt core and I/O operation, respectively. The 70P5258M supports 3.3/3.0/2.5 and 1.8 volt I/O voltages on the three ports with a 1.8 volt core. All of the voltage options are pin compatible with one another. The tri-port products typically operate on 54 mW of power and with standby power mode of 7.2 mW.

IDT (Integrated Device Technology, Inc.)


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