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RFID Device

Thu, 05/27/2004 - 1:09pm

EM Microelectronic announces that it has developed an UHF RFID integrated circuit, EM4223, which is fully compliant with the international standard ISO18000-6A and EPC 64-bit and 96-bit code structure. The device is a 128-bit read-only UHF circuit with an anticollision protocol. It is frequency independent from 865 MHz to 2.5 GHz and is compliant with worldwide radio regulations. It works with low radiated power, in the USA, Europe, and Japan. The device can read tags at a distance above 15 meters when using an optimized transponder antenna. It also has an anticollision protocol which performs without saturation effect. The device tags can enter and/or leave the field without corrupting the anticollision protocol itself, ensuring that all tags are read. The application family identifier (AFI) is a segment of the memory, in addition to the user memory, which defines families of items to be tracked as per ISO18000-6A. AFI allows a direct selection mechanism, enhancing the anticollision throughput and reducing the data flow on the network. The electronic product code (EPC) is a unique ID number that identifies a specific item in the supply chain. The device complies with the current EPC code specification with the possibility to encode the EPC64 or EPC96.

EM Microelectronic-US, Inc.


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