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Resistor Arrays

Thu, 05/27/2004 - 1:09pm

Vishay announces the release of the PRA 100, PRA 135, and PRA 182 resistor arrays, which provide a combined relative error of less than 0.03% in sets of up to eight resistors of varying ohmic values. A stable passivated nichrome resistive layer, contacts between the resistive and conductive layers, and a proprietary patterning and laser trimming technique eliminate the need for digital drift compensation. The arrays provide a TCR of 10 ppm/° C, TCR tracking of 1 ppm/° C, and a ratio tolerance of 0.01%. The PRA 100 is specified for a resistance range of 100Ω to 200 KΩ, the PRA 135 for a range of 100O to 300 KO, and the PRA 182 for 100O to 1 MO. Power ratings for the arrays are 100 mW per resistor at +70° C, with limiting voltages of 35 V, 75 V, and 100 V respectively. The arrays are designed for use in instrumentation, calibration, and data conversion systems.

Vishay Intertechnology, Inc.


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