Product Releases

Passive Component Family

Thu, 05/27/2004 - 1:09pm


Microlab/FXR announce a family of 450 MHz components to meet the demands of TETRA, homeland security, and the CDMA-450 applications. Fundamental to these products are the two- and three-way air-line splitters, Dx-51FN series, which covers 380 to 2200 MHz with dissipation losses below 0.1 dB. Also, benefiting from air-line technology is the 380 to 520 MHz range of directional couplers, CK-20N series, which have less than 0.2 dB dissipative loss and greater than 25 dB directivity. The HR-D36, DC block, allows low loss RF transmission while blocking DC, useful when using a common antenna with a TMA requirement only for the high band. To combine wireless carriers in this 450 MHz band, the company offers the hybrid coupler, CA-94 series, in either N or 7 to 16 mm DIN connectors with more than 30 dB of isolation.



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