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Thu, 05/27/2004 - 1:09pm

Novatech introduces the 2965AR Rubidium frequency standard. Housed in a small bench-top case, the 2965AR contains an atomic time-base with a stability of 5 × 10 per month. The standard combines a 50 MHz direct digital synthesizer along with 10 MHz and 5 MHz outputs. The device is suitable for use as external references for laboratory instruments or as a time-base for a variety of systems in industries like telecommunications and radar. The device uses an auto-adaptive disciplining algorithm, requiring no user intervention or tuning, that tracks a 1 pps source from a GPS1 smart antenna, or other 1pps source, and disciplines the rubidium oscillator. A 1 pps derived from GPS gives the device a long-term accuracy at Stratum1 levels with 24 hour holdover of ۫μs (۫ × 10). Three front panel BNCs provide sine wave outputs of 1Vrms into 50Ω. The TTL-compatible 1 pps input and output signals are on rear panel BNCs. The synthesized output is programmable from 100 Hz to 50 MHz in 1μHz steps via an RS232 interface using text commands.

Novatech Instruments, Inc.


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