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Fri, 05/14/2004 - 5:38am

Agilent announces an film bulk acoustic resonator (FBAR) duplexer for handsets, data cards, and other wireless products operating in the U.S. PCS frequency band. The duplexer makes it possible to design slimmer mobile phones, and allows for additional handset features such as a camera module, GPS locator, and Bluetooth™ connectivity. The ACMD-7401 is built with Microcap bonded-wafer chip scale packaging technology. This process allows the filters to be assembled in a molded-chip-on-board (MCOB) module that is less than 1.4 mm high with a 5 × 5 mm footprint. In addition, the duplexer offers receive-band insertion loss of 2.2 dB typical; transmit-band insertion loss of 1.8 dB typical; 44 dB receiver noise blocking; and 54 dB transmit interferer blocking typical.

Agilent Technologies Inc., Booth #1729


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