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Wed, 04/07/2004 - 11:52am

Fairchild announces the web-based FETBench and Power Factor Correction (PFC) Toolkit, to help designers to shorten design times and speed time to market. These online tools offer choices of topologies, product selection, simulation creation, and other features. The upgraded FETBench provides comprehensive MOSFET device selection, application analysis, and a thermal simulation tool based on common power conversion schemes. A design tool, the PFC Toolkit, gives designers access to a power factor correction tutorial and selector modules. The FETBench offers user interface and graphing tools, application simulations, comprehensive thermal modeling, and new device models. Based on device behavioral models, this simulation tool is able to graph curve tracer waveforms of input/output characteristics, such as ID vs. VGS, R,sub>DS(on)/sub> vs. ID, gate charge vs. VGS, Rsub>DS(on)/sub> vs. VGS, and others. Designers have access to design tools such as a curve tracer, dynamic characteristics test circuits, circuit simulations, and a thermal modeling tool. The toolkit includes an interactive tutorial on power factor correction and associated regulations. Control methods such as peak current, discontinuous peak current, and average current are reviewed and compared, identifying the advantages and disadvantages of each. A selection tool is available to help choose the topology. Elements that are taken into consideration include output power, the chosen control method, architecture, and desired features./t1>p> t3>Fairchild Semiconductorreg>/t3>


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