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TDC Histogram

Thu, 04/29/2004 - 10:06am

Acqiris offers dual-channel analyzer platforms with real-time signal averager firmware that also enables the creation of a Time-to-Digital Converter (TDC) histogram, showing the distribution of signal peak locations in the time domain. The histogram function is embedded in the latest Averager firmware (AP240/235-Avgr), which can be installed in either Acqiris' AP240 or AP235 reconfigurable dual-channel PCI analyzer platforms. Once the firmware is installed, the cards can operate as dual-channel averagers, as dual-channel TDCs, or one channel can act as an averager while the other gathers TDC histogram data. The platforms are suitable for applications where complex, noisy signals are acquired and analyzed at fast sampling rates. In the TDC histogram mode, peaks are defined using Acqiris' NSA core that identifies the data points that are above some predefined threshold level. The histogram is created by incrementing at the central peak time ti, defined as the position of the middle sample from those consecutive samples above the threshold (or the sample immediately before the middle in the case of there being an even number of samples). The peak is rejected if its width above the threshold is greater than 16 sample values. The histogram increment can be 1, or Vi, the value of the peak voltage minus the user-defined baseline.

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