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SIM Management Tools

Thu, 04/29/2004 - 10:06am

Oberthur launches three products, the DuplIC SIM card management device, the evoluSIM Application Service Provider module, and the SIMphonIC 3G ALM SIM card application manager, to help operators manage their wireless services and alleviate the problems consumers face when upgrading SIM cards. The DuplIC, a pocket-sized reader, allows users to copy personal data, phonebook information, and SMS from their existing card to a new (U)SIM. To use consumers insert both the old and the new SIM cards into the reader and, within a few seconds, all data is transferred between the two. Designed for wireless operators of all sizes, evoluSIM is a web-based platform that incorporates services such as over-the-air management of (U)SIM cards, phone book servers that store subscribers' personal data, and dynamic menu management servers that keep services up-to-date. The SIMphonIC 3G ALM, a logistical solution for wireless carriers' SIM card management strategies, is a 3G platform that performs secure management of 3G/GSM files and applications over-the-air. It can handle either specific U(SIM) cards or groups of cards and uses SMS technology to enable the updating of selected files and application downloads. Carriers also can let subscribers access the platform via a Web portal, allowing the self-personalization and self-provisioning of SIM cards.

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