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Drum Core Inductors

Thu, 04/29/2004 - 10:06am


Prem Magnetics introduces its line of ferrite drum core inductors, the SPB-500 series, for switchmode power supplies (SMPS) and other applications. This series utilizes ferrite material that is stable from 0 to their full-rated current. The series consists of 26 parts. Each has inductance values ranging from 180.0μHy at 50 ADC. Typical dimesions for the series is 1.415 inchesD × 1.440 inchesH. Each part has a mounting hole through the center of the core that accepts a #6 non-metallic screw to secure the part to the PCB. The two leads extend radically from the bottom of the core, and are 180° apart from each other.

Prem Magnetics, Inc.


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