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Digital Up Converter

Thu, 04/29/2004 - 10:06am

The AD6633 is a multi-channel, wide-bandwidth DUC with VersaCREST crest reduction engine. It processes digital baseband input data and generates wideband, real or complex output data. It drives IF sampling DACs at sample rates up to 125 Msps. Up to six wideband modulated carriers per package can be achieved from a single output port. Devices may be connected together for additional channels by using multiple packages. Interpolation, anti-imaging filtering, all pass equalization, and NCO tuning functions are combined in a single device that includes the VersaCREST crest factor reduction engine. Each wideband channel contains a peak-to-average compensation block that reduces PA requirements. By minimizing infrequent peaks in CDMA signals, a PA with one-half to one-quarter the previously necessary power capacity can be used. This is done within standard signal quality requirements.

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