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CMOS Devices

Mon, 03/15/2004 - 9:53am

PolarFab announces two CMOS devices for production on its 8 inches PBC4 0.5-micron BiCMOS-DMOS (BCD) process that allows designers to meet specifications requiring a 7 V absolute rating. The PBC4 process with the CMOS NMOSTUBEL and PMOSTUBEL is suitable for manufacturing ICs for high voltage power management and smart-power applications, including motor control, gate drivers, and microprocessor supervisory circuits. The fully isolated (double tubbed) NMOSTUBEL provides increased layout packing density, independent of the driver, contributing to the smaller device footprint. At 7 V operation, the device has a Rsp of 14mΩm-mm2. The PMOSTUBEL features an Rsp of 51mΩmm2. Both devices have a thick gate oxide (400 A) for good snapback, hot-carrier degradation and oxide reliability performance.



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