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Wed, 01/21/2004 - 10:48am


California Micro Devices announced three USB overcurrent protection switches. The CM3511/12/13 USB overcurrent switches support four USB ports in a single device. This allows next-generation PCs, which will have up to 8 ports per desktop, or 3 to 4 USB ports per notebook, to reduce the number of overcurrent protection devices per system by 50% vs. more traditional 2-port devices. The CM3511 is optimized for systems supporting "wake-on-USB" functionality, and is a solution with different current limits when the system is in full-power mode vs. standby mode. Two output channels are offered, with each channel supporting up to 2 USB ports. It provides 1.2 A current limit per output channel in normal operating mode and 200 mA current limit per output in system standby mode. The CM3512 also provides two output channels with a 1.2 A current limit per channel. Separate ENABLE pins per channel allows independent channel control for improved power management. The CM3513 provides a single output channel and supports up to four ports on that channel with 2.4A current limit, simplifying design for customers that do not need the individual channel control of the CM3512.

California Micro Devices


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