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Wed, 01/21/2004 - 11:49am

Altium Limited announces Nexar, a product that provides a solution for system-level design on an FPGA platform. Nexar integrates hardware design tools, embedded software development tools, IP-based components, virtual instrumentation and a reconfigurable development board to allow engineers to interactively design and implement a complete embedded system inside an FPGA.

Nexar takes board-level system design methodologies and retargets them for FPGA architectures. Nexar provides a schematic-based design methodology to define system connectivity. Schematic design is facilitated in Nexar by the inclusion of libraries of pre-synthesized, pre-verified IP components, including a range of processor cores that can be dropped onto the schematic and connected together to form the system hardware. Nexar selects the correct component model for the target architecture during system synthesis. Along with IP components, Nexar includes a library of IP-based virtual instruments such as logic analyzers, frequency counters/generators and I/O monitors that can be incorporated into the design at the schematic level to facilitate system debugging. Integral to Nexar is an FPGA-based development board called a NanoBoard that provides a reconfigurable platform for implementing and debugging the design. Target FPGAs are housed on plug-in daughter boards to allow easy retargeting of designs. Multiple NanoBoards can be chained together to facilitate the design of complex multi-FPGA systems.

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