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Digital Audio Subsystem

Wed, 01/21/2004 - 10:48am

ARC announces the ARC 600 Digital Audio Platform. The initial set of digital audio codecs available on the ARC 600 includes: MP-3 encode, MP-3 decode, MPEG-4 AAC encode (with Temporal Noise Shaping), AAC decode (with Temporal Noise Shaping) and WMA decode. The ARC 600 data path and 56-bit accumulator provide the necessary internal precision for high-fidelity audio. The base configuration of the ARC 600, with optional MAC and customized instructions, yields a gate count of less than 50,000 gates. The ARC 600 also employs the ARCompact ISA. The system is capable of simultaneously running two channels of AAC encode and one channel of decode.

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