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Wed, 01/21/2004 - 11:49am

ARC introduces the Development Tool Suite for the ARC 600. It is a collection of tools to facilitate software and hardware development as well as co-simulation. The ARC 600 Development Tool Suite includes the ARChitect 2, MetaDeveloper, a Cycle Accurate Simulator, and MetaSim. Together these tools are designed to simplify the design of ARC processor-based SoCs by reducing the complexity of RTL integration, software development and system-level modeling.

ARChitect 2 is an EDA tool for configuring and building system-level designs that integrate ARC IP. MetaDeveloper Bundle includes MetaWare C/C++ compiler, SeeCode Debugger, IDE, Instruction Set Simulator (ISS), and integrated profiler.

The ARC 600 Cycle Accurate Simulator (CAS) provides processor simulation accuracy while maintaining high simulation speed. MetaSim provides co-simulation capabilities from within the SeeCode Debugger environment to deliver the simulation needed for the development and testing of software, peripherals and systems in advance of silicon. Finally, the ARCANGEL offers a development and prototyping platform.

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