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Wed, 01/21/2004 - 11:49am

Computer Access Technology Corporation (CATC) announces the Version 2.2 software for the BTTracer/Trainer, CATC's Bluetooth design and verification test system. With this release, the BTTracer/Trainer is compliant with the Bluetooth V1.2 specification. In addition, this release allows for the creation of a second, completely independent recording channel, includes a Profiles Decode toolbar for easier protocol selection and debug, and expands Bluetooth test cases support. The features and capabilities of the BTTracer/Trainer V2.2 enable design engineers and system validators to develop and pre-screen their devices for compliance with the new protocol specification with unprecedented speed, efficiency and detail. BTTracer/Trainer V2.2 provides support for the following: Faster Connect, Adaptive Frequency Hopping (AFH), eSCO, L2CAP Flow and Error Control, QoS Enhancements, LMP, and HCI updates. V2.2 also supports Scatter Mode, Anonymity Mode and Absence Masks.

The V2.2 release includes several features that improve traffic capture, analysis and testing. With the use of the BTTracer auxiliary module, the user can create a completely independent recording channel that can record a mixed piconet, and up to two AFH channels within a single piconet, a true scatternet environment, or two completely independent piconets. The Profiles Toolbar allows the user to select the profile(s) of interest and the associated protocols are automatically selected, thereby eliminating the need to know which protocols are necessary for a profile. In addition to supporting LMP test cases, the BTTrainer also supports numerous test cases for baseband, L2CAP, SDP, RFCOMM and BNEP.

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