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Wed, 01/21/2004 - 10:48am

Acqiris introduces Model AP240 and AP235 dual-channel reconfigurable analyzer platforms with Sustained Sequential Recording (SSR) firmware capability. The SSR firmware enhances the analyzers' ability to acquire, store and transfer sequential waveforms to a host PC at sustained trigger rates. The firmware options uses FPGA technology and enables the AP240/235 platforms' Data Processing Unit (DPU) to store the digitized waveforms in a "ping-pong" fashion on a dual-bank memory system. The analyzer platforms can digitize and store waveforms at sampling rates of up to 2 GS/s (AP240) and 1 GS/s (AP235). The SSR firmware uses a semaphore-based technique to handle the automatic switch between memory banks. The firmware also enables sequential acquisition and recording in "burst mode," with trigger rates within the burst of up to 500 kHz for sequences of 1 μs-long waveforms digitized at 1 GS/s sample rate.

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