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Wafer Probe System

Mon, 11/03/2003 - 6:54am

Cascade Microtech announces a series of 200 mm semiautomatic and manual Summit Probe Stations. The Summit B series is an upgrade to Cascade's Summit 11000 and 12000 series. All Summit B stations are designed to be upgraded in the field. All Summit B series also incorporate high-force probing as standard, accommodating probe card loads up to 20 kg (45 lbs). The Summit B integrates Cascade Microtech's frost-free thermal hoses which eliminate external frost build-up on – 65°C to 200°C chiller systems. The Summit B series includes features designed to make probing and wafer test quicker: a platen lift system provides increased system rigidity, easy user adjustments (compensation for varying positioner or test-head weight), and improved 'fluid feel' when contacting precision probes to the test wafer; systems with Cascade's MicroChambe(r) technology now feature larger, easy-to-use wafer access door; stations without a MicroChamber now include a new safety enclosure, with easy wafer loading access.; (503) 601-1181


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