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Shielding Technology

Mon, 11/03/2003 - 6:54am

Maxwell Technologies introduces Rad-Stak™, radiation shielding technology that utilizes stacked packaging to create fully space-qualified components. Rad-Stak is a completely shielded multi-level die package, created out of the Rad-Pak® shielded packaging solution to vertical stacking. In this configuration, heat is dissipated through the interconnects and the lid/heat sink of each layer. For greater flexibility of design, Rad-Stak is offered in both large and small, (132-pin and 68-pin) standard package outlines. The design allows the packaging to be applicable in both multi-chip modules using identical die and true hybrids, and to be used across product lines. Rad-Stak provides a high-density space-qualified SDRAM with flexible memory word-widths (e.g. x32, x40 or x48), and hybrid applications combining multiple functions, such as memory and EDAC.; (858) 503-3300


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