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DSP Board

Mon, 11/03/2003 - 6:54am

Traquair announces the UC1394a-1 multi-chip module in a general-purpose embedded DSP configuration, with supporting EVM-Kits for DSP and embedded image processing applications. It provides developers with a DSP board the size of a coin, with a programmable DSP processor, FPGA, 400MBit/second FireWire communications and a host of I/O capabilities, all in a tiny 30x36mm 116-pin surface mount PLCC package. It is easily integrated within small form factor board designs and provides extensive I/O capabilities for integrating application specific hardware with the on-board TMS320C5509 DSP processor (up to 400MIPS) and 50kGate Spartan™-II FPGA. The on-board FireWire interface is capable of streaming data at up to 32MBytes/second, and can be used to establish a high bandwidth serial communications link with PCs or other embedded equipment. It is also optionally supported by FireWire camera framecapture software, allowing image data to be captured then processed by the on-board DSP and FPGA resources. The additional I/O capabilities include RS-232, USB, McBSP, I2C, JTAG, integral analog to digital conversion for four analog inputs, and user configurable digital I/O.; (607) 266-6000


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