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Cross-market Platform

Mon, 11/24/2003 - 7:19am

Tyco Electronics Power Systems announces the Sentry 3000 cross-market compliant platform designed for distributed architectures and positioned to serve both data and telecom markets with a simple exchange of the power supply. The Sentry 3000 platform consists of the AC-3000 front-end rectifier, the DC-3000 power entry module (PEM), and the PS-300 power shelf. Both the rectifier and PEM provide 3,000 watts of continuous power. Two power supplies are positioned across a 19 inches rack-mountable shelf, either in an N+N redundant configuration or providing 6,000 watts of constant power. The AC-3000 front-end rectifier provides the interface between commercial AC feeds and ± 48 VDC distributed systems featuring universal high-line AC input, constant output power, and input undervoltage lockout. The rectifier is safeguarded with power factor correction, overvoltage and overcurrent protection, overtemperature warning and protection and redundant operation capabilities. The DC-3000 PEM provides the interface between – 48 VDC distributed systems and an external battery plant. It offers electrical isolation between the two power plants, EMI filtering, audible noise filtering and reverse input polarity protection. The AC-3000 rectifier and DC-3000 PEM are mechanically identical and fully interchangeable, using the same backplane and single connector. The PS-3000 shelf is designed to fit 19-inch racks, supporting both the rectifier and PEM. The Sentry 3000 Platform features a 1.5 U (2.625 inches) profile and 9.75 watts per cubic inch.; (800) 526-7819


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