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Probe Station

Wed, 10/01/2003 - 6:12am

Cascade Microtech announces a series of 300 mm semiautomatic and manual S300 Probing Stations that utilize the ERS AirCool + high performance thermal system. The stations are available with an integrated AirCool + chuck (– 55°C to 200°C range) or AirCool + chuck (0°C to 300°C range). All probe stations are available with MicroChamber, AttoGuard(, and FemtoGuard( Triaxial thermal chuck technology. The S300 probe station reduces thermal test time due to fast temperature transition in both heating and cooling. The S300 with AirCool + integrates an automatic dry air control system for the S300 MicroChamber environment which eliminates manual control of dry air flow for hot or cold probing. The S300's MicroChamber is a low-volume, enclosed area around the thermal chuck which provides a dark moisture-free EM and RF-shielded environment. An optional dew point meter can be integrated with S300 / AirCool + probe stations to further automate the MicroChamber air purge system. Both the AirCool + and AirCool chiller systems use air instead of fluid for chuck cooling.; (503) 601-1181


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