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FHSS Transceiver

Wed, 10/01/2003 - 6:05am

AeroComm introduces its mini all-inclusive 900 MHz FHSS transceiver. The component is a one-inch-square module. AC4490-1x1™ allows engineers of varying RF experience to design-in full wireless capability with minimal effort. All components, including firmware, are integrated into its multi-chip module design. Development is straightforward: modules and antennas are simply mounted into place (via hand-solder or surface-mounted with automatic pick-and-place equipment), then powered on. The modules contain the RF232™ embedded protocol, which allows for plug-and-play installation. Over-the-air issues are managed in the firmware to synchronize, hop, gain acknowledgements, send retries, detect errors, address messages, secure transmissions and other features. AC4490-1x1s interface via standard TTL serial to provide bi-directional communication in point-to-point, point-to-multi, or multi-to-multi networks. A number of on-the-fly control commands accommodate varying wireless projects. AC4490-1x1s provide interference rejection, enable co-located system operation, increase output power, and maintain data integrity. Other features include: up to 115.2 kbps serial interface data rate; 1 mW to 10 mW variable output power; local/remote I/Os for reading temperature and controlling user lines; 2 digital input lines; 2 digital output lines; 1 A/D input line; 1 A/D output line; and – 40°C to +80°C industrial temperature durability.


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