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Ansoft Designer and HFSS Co-design

Wed, 10/29/2003 - 9:56am
Ansoft Designer & HFSS co-design, featuring HFSS co-simulation. Cavity filters and diplexers tend to be electrically large, complex geometrically, and contain multiple resonator cavities. For these reasons, careful consideration of the strategies for optimization is the key to achieving success and may avoid time-consuming analyses that yield partially optimized components. This presentation describes how to successfully approach the problem by illustrating the best practices of creating parametric models for the individual substructures and showing how to combine the results to analyze the full design. The presentation also shows an efficient method of analyzing design tradeoffs using standard network analysis. Furthermore, the technique's applicability to waveguide components, mixed-cavity dielectric resonators, and combine filters shows its versatility to many structures beyond the illustrated examples.

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