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W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc.

Tue, 09/02/2003 - 8:59am

Joe Rowan, Global Business Leader

Gore has contributed many significant new product advancements to the Wireless marketplace over the last 10 years, such as peel-and-stick preformed EMI gaskets, SMT-compatible RF grounding pads, water-resistant protective acoustic covers, RF circuit board materials, and soft conformable thermal interfaces. Gore's MICROLAM® 630 low loss dielectric has brought improved cost/performance to high density, high frequency designs such as WLAN cards and RF modules. However, the single most significant product advancement from Gore is the revolutionary snapSHOT™ board-level EMI shielding solution, launched at the Wireless Systems Design Conference & Expo in San Jose this past March. A winner of the EP&P award for best new product, snapSHOT™ shield designs are having a significant impact on the Wireless industry. The product, which is now in scaled up manufacture, is actively being tested at most major handset and WLAN OEM's worldwide, with several design wins already on board. The snapSHOT™ shield designs offer lower weight, lower profiles, full repairability, multi-cavity capability, higher shielding, and ultimately lower cost than traditional EMI shielding solutions.

As the Wireless industry progresses over the next 10 years, Gore will continue to break price-performance barriers for its customers, specifically through product innovation. Wireless customers continue to demand products with higher and higher performance, but with lower and lower total cost of ownership. While some companies focus solely on accomplishing the latter through process improvements, reducing supplier margins, and reducing "bells and whistles", Gore's focus will continue to be in reinventing its products to improve the total value they provide for our customers.


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