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TriQuint Semiconductor

Tue, 09/02/2003 - 8:59am

Brian Balut, Vice President, Sales & Marketing

Looking back 10 years, TriQuint and Sawtek were independent companies evolving from a military heritage and looking to leverage their technology expertise to enable high volume commercial applications. Sawtek developed surface acoustic wave filters that enabled the channel selectivity required for GSM and CDMA cellular base stations. In parallel, TriQuint monolithically integrated the discrete LNA and down conversion components in a cellular handset into a GaAs MesFET receiver. This integration enabled critical size and cost reductions from first generation handsets and truly commercialized GaAs technology.

Looking ahead ten years, TriQuint sees the need to integrate multiple technologies, each ideally suited for a given wireless radio function. TriQuint has the enabling technologies needed to integrate power amplifier, switch, filter, duplexer and passive functions ultimately into a single RF front end module for cellular and wireless data applications. This strategy also applies to the wider telecommunications market where TriQuint's Optoelectronics and Texas divisions have the technology necessary to integrate lasers, drivers, amplifiers, and detectors to create advanced transceiver modules for high-speed applications.


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