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Tue, 09/02/2003 - 8:28am

Elanix announces the CDMA2000 Library, to add to the SystemView environment all the functionality required for complete standard-compliant physical layer transmitter and receiver design, building and testing. The CDMA2000 Library offers a hierarchy of design abstractions from individual physical channel building blocks such as the Turbo Encoder and Decoder tokens to fully integrated, standalone Base station and UE tokens. General features include fully compliant with the 3GPP2 standard specification; complete system to simulate CDMA2000 physical layer, bi-directionally between the Base Station and the Mobile Station; reverse and forward link transmissions with Spreading Factor 1 (SF1) and Spreading Factor 3 (SF3); reverse and forward link transmissions for all radio configurations. Technical Features include Orthogonal Transmit Diversity (OTD), and non-Transmit Diversity (non-TD) methods in Forward Link transmission with SF1; Multi Carrier configuration in forward link transmission with SF3; reverse link with HPSK modulation (SF1 and SF3); fix, flexible and variable data rates operations for traffic channels in reverse and forward link; channel encoding and decoding with turbo codes and convolutional codes with BER/FER measurements; spreading function using Walsh codes and Quasi Orthogonal Functions.; (818) 597-1414


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